My Impossible List

“Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them”

David Allen

I’m very bad at remembering things and ever since I’ve realized that I have always tried to write my goals, ideas, to-do, and almost everything I think onto paper or on the notes app on my laptop/phone. This habit actually helped me get my diploma after failing miserably for once. You might ask how did writing stuff down might help someone get their diploma – well the answer is quite simple, writing down clears your vision and shows you what you really want to achieve.

I got the idea of this Impossible List from Thomas Frank – who got his Idea of this list from Joel Runyon, who created the world’s first impossible list and defined the difference between it and a regular old check list. In short, Impossible List makes actionable goals which inspires you to make more goals and that cycle goes on forever.

“You're Alive Take Advantage of It”

Gary Vee

Current Focuses:

Write blogs regularly, study for the IELTS exam so I can move to Canada, Learning Compositing.

Life Goals:

  • Move to Canada
  • Get a job
  • Become location independent
  • Make Films, Games, Write blogs, books and Inspire others with my work. 

Skills to acquire:

  • Concept Art (at the intermediate level)
  • Learn Blender (I can confidently say I’m an Intermediate Blender user)
  • Driving a car
  • Learn Krav Maga
  • Learn to draw till I can make good storyboards.
  • Learn how to play the piano (and play this)
  • Learn how to play the guitar (and play this)
  • Become fluent in French
  • Become fluent in Japanese
  • Become Ambidextrous
  • Public Speaking
  • Become a competent Basketball and Tennis player
  • Wall run *like Prince of Persia*
  • Learn archery *like Lara Croft*
  • Learn to snowboard and ski
  • Learn mountain climbing

Habit Goals:

  • Follow a workout program for 8 weeks – Skill: Health/Strength
  • Read 20 pages a day for 1 month – Skill: Intelligence
  • Write 100 words a day for 1 month – Skill: Writing/Body of work
  • Complete the 6 weeks Push-ups challenge – Skill: Strength
  • Meditate 3 minutes a day for 1 month – Skill: Mindfulness
  • Write 1 blog post per week for 3 months – Skill: Writing/Body of work

Academic Goals:

  • Get Diploma in Computer Engineering
    • (I passed out with 10/10 in last semester, but my overall  was only 7.5/10 because of dumb me not paying attention in the earlier semesters.)
  • IELTS – 7.5 or more bands

Professional Goals:

  • Make a website where I can write stuff (You’re looking at it)
  • Get 100 visits on The Distracted Monkey.
  • Start a podcast
  • Get a job in the CG industry.
  • Start a YouTube channel, make 10 videos
  • Make $1000 in a month
  • Give a talk (> 50 People)
  • Write a book and Self-publish it (>10,000 words)
  • Enter in a film festival

Creative Goals:

  • Make a short film (done)
    • Second short is in the brainstorming stage.
  • Design a WordPress theme from scratch
  • Build a PC from scratch.
  • Write a full-length novel (>70,000 words)
  • Write a full-length screenplay (>120 minutes)
  • Write a non-fiction book (>10,000 words)
  • Make a feature-length film (>120 minutes)
  • Make a game and publish it on steam
  • Make a Documentary
  • Compose & produce a full music album (> 10 songs)
  • Hand draw something my brother can be proud of (he’s really hard to impress)
  • Make more than 20 people laugh (aka stand-up comedy)
  • Write and record a rap song

Fitness/Health Goals:

  • Run 1k under 5 minutes
  • Run a 5k
  • Get six-pack abs
  • Do 50 push-ups in a single set
  • Do 100 sit-ups in a single set
  • Do 100 squats in a single set
  • Do 1 strict pull-up
  • Do 1 strict muscle-up
  • Handstand without the wall
  • Learn parkour
    • Tricks to learn: Backflip, front flip, wall flip
  • Verticle Jump 15 inches
  • Cycle 10 miles in a day
  • Climb a 10-foot rope using hands only
  • Walk 10 feet on a slackline
  • Powerlifting
    • Bench press (50 kg)
    • Military press (50 kg)
    • Squat (50 kg)
    • Deadlift (100 kg)
  • Do a triathlon
  • Clear up my skin (2x face wash, moisturize, sunscreen when outside, less sugar & fried food)

Really Impossible Goals:

  • Skydive
  • Bungee jump
  • Swim with sharks (like Will Smith)
  • Zero-G flight (aka the vomit commit)
  • Climb mountains
    • Mount Everest
    • Mount Kilimanjaro
  • Sail from one continent to another
  • Be on TV (where my parents can see me)
  • Break a world record
  • Make a rocket and send it to space.
  • Travel to the space (help me out Elon)

Video Game Goals:

  • Prince of Persia trilogy on hard difficulty (with all the extra lives)
  • Minecraft – beat Ender Dragon on Hardcore
  • Celeste – with 50 strawberries
  • Portal duology

Travel Goals:

  • Visit Japan
  • Visit South Korea
  • Visit Sweden
  • Walk the Lord of the Rings trail in New Zealand
  • Visit Iceland
  • Visit Disneyland
  • Visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
  • Watch the aurora borealis live
  • Visit every continent
  • Visit every state in India

(I basically want to travel everywhere in the world and spend more than a week each)

Reading Goals:

  • Read a Non-Fiction book in a week (> 400 pages) (review)
  • Read a Fiction book in a week (> 500 pages) (It was 496 pages but I’ll still count it in) (review)
  • Read a Non-Fiction book in a day (> 400 pages)
  • Read a Fiction book in a day (> 500 pages)
  • Check out my Goodreads profile to see what I’m reading and what I’d like to read in the future.

Always in Progress Goals:

  • Love and support my family
  • Be kind to people
  • Being a best friend to my brothers and sisters
  • Make an impact on others lives by helping them see their potential and achieve their dreams

People to Meet:

Miscellaneous Goals:

  • Go on a trip with my cousins alone (no parents’ supervision)
  • Make ratatouille
  • Build a PC with Linus from LTT
  • Build an office area in a self-owned house
  • Cycle from where I was raised to where I was born
  • Solve a Rubik’s Cube under a minute
  • Beat my sister and my father in a chess match (they are really good)

I understand this is a lot to do in a single human life, and you might be thinking this guy is a nut but I just want a regret-free life that is all. To answer furthermore, I have an awesome quote for you:

A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, Conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. SPECIALIZATION IS FOR INSECTS.